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Opiate Pain Management


Opiate Pain Management is a common feeling that is mostly experienced by the majority of people who are in their middle to senior years. An effective way of managing this kind of pain is through the use of opiate.

However, please keep in mind that taking too much of this could lead to addiction. We advise you to see your physician first so the right dosage will be establish.

Please give us a call at 949-424-1538 so you can talk to our pharmacist about the proper guidelines when taking opiate and for your other inquiries.

Note: Opiates can be highly addictive. It is important to always consult your physician about how your own body will react to these drugs. You also need to take the necessary precautions prior to taking them. Please take note that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, or those with substance abuse problems should not take opiates for pain management.

We do not require you to provide or send a prescription from your doctor to make this purchase.

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